Sanity Savers- Find a Truck Edition: Create Your Own Town

By Jacalyn Slingerland
Play to Learn Facilitator  

Sponsored by: Dunn Tire


Cardboard box, markers, crayons, tape, scissors, toy cars.  


Set up: 10-15 minutes
Activity: 20-30 minutes

Have fun by creating your own map for your toy trucks! All you need is a little creativity, a box, and basic art supplies. Children will be able to use their fine motor skills to create their town and drive their toy trucks around! This is a great activity to practice lefts and rights, coloring, and shapes. One may also discuss communities, services, and jobs!   

Sanity Savers- Find a Truck Edition: Create Your Own Town


Step 1: Find an old cardboard box and break it down, using scissors can help.  

Step 2: Tape the cardboard together as needed and so that it is flat. Tape the back so you can color on the front, markers and crayons will not work well on tape.  
Step 3: Flip it over and decorate the front! You can draw roads, plants, houses, and community buildings. (hospitals, fire stations, parks, etc.).    
Step 4: Play!  You can put your town away when your done playing and reuse it another day.  With more boxes and tape, you can expand your map! Have fun! 

Vocabulary Words 

Community – a group of people living or working together in the same area.  Fine motor skills– coordination between small muscles. Examples: coloring, writing, playing with small toys.  

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