Sanity Savers: Craft Stick Picture Frames

Sponsored by: M&T Bank

By: Amelia Schrader
Senior Manger of Learning and Education 


8 craft sticks (per frame)
Glue (I recommend hot glue with grown up help but liquid glue will also work)
Markers or paint
Stickers (optional)
String, pipe cleaner or magnets (optional)  

Sanity Savers: Craft Stick Picture Frames


5 minutes + 

Academic Subject(s):

Art, Geometry  

Today we are making popsicle stick picture frames! These are another great Mother’s Day gift but can also be created to send to any loved one you are really missing right now! You can use a real photo for these frames or draw a picture to put inside. For our samples, we did both! This lesson is also a great opportunity to address some basic geometry concepts!  

Sanity Savers: Craft Stick Picture Frames


Step 1: Line up two of the craft sticks parallel to each other and place a glue dab at the top. I use hot glue because it dries so quickly. If you do use hot glue, make sure you have a grown up to help you! If you choose to use another liquid glue be careful not to let your sticks slide around while drying.  
Step 2: Next, place one stick at the top perpendicular to the two parallel stick in the glue dab. Place another stick directly underneath this one.  
Step 3:  Repeat this process on each corner of the frame until you have a square with each side having two parallel sticks. If you used a slow drying glue, allow the frame to dry completely before moving to the decorating step!  

Step 4: Decorate your frame with paint, markers or stickers! Whatever you have available! 
Step 5: Glue in your photo or special drawing to the back of the frame! If you want you can also attach a string to hang the frame or a magnet for the fridge. This simple art project is a great way to engage your child’s creativity and discuss some basic math concepts! For little ones the project provides so many learning opportunities including: counting, shape recognition, vocabulary building, fine motor skills and building imagination!  

Vocabulary Words

Parallel: side by side with continual equal space apart, two lines or objects that will never intersect.
Perpendicular: At an angle of 90 degrees (right angle)   

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