Sanity Savers: Building the 3 Pigs a New Home

Sponsored by: National Grid

Written by: Dan Walsh
STEM Educator

Supplies needed for this activity:

Craft sticks, tape, scissors, crayons


20 minutes

Academic Subjects:

Art, Science
This lesson supports the following standards:
ETS1.A: Defining Engineering Problems- Possible solutions to a problem are limited by available materials and resources (constraints).

Directions for Building The Three Pigs A New Home  

The Big Bad Wolf is at it again! You have been asked by the three pigs to construct a house that can withstand the big bad wolf’s breath. Can you help the three pigs!? This is an open-ended challenge. There are different ways to build a house.  Below you can find directions to help you build a house or create your own.   

1.) Tape two craft sticks together lengthwise. Flip them so they are standing width wise.
2.) Bend the tape to form a corner. Add more tape if needed. 
3.) Repeat steps one and two and create another corner. Tape the two sets together to form a square.
4.) Place a small piece of tape at the end of a craft stick and place it lengthwise pointing toward the ceiling in a corner. 
5.) Repeat this process seven more times. Each corner will have two craft sticks acting as the corner of a house.
6.) Tape the top of the craft stick corners together.
7.) Tape a craft stick between each corner lengthwise.
8.) Now comes the fun part, decoration time!! Decorate your four pieces of paper however you wish. Using a glue stick secure all paper walls to the craft sticks.
9.) The big bad wolf was spotted headed your way! Take a deep breath and see if your house moves! Will it survive against the big bad wolf!?   

Vocabulary for Building The Three Pigs A New Home:

Structurally sound- When a building is free from decay, defects or flaws.  
Architecture– The process and the product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings or other structures.

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