Sanity Savers: Bubble Solution

By: Amelia Schrader
Senior Manager of Learning and Education 


8 cups of water
1 cup of dish soap (dawn is best!)
2/3 cup of honey
Large mixing spoon
Large container that is easy to pour  


Prep: 5 minutes
Inactive: 1 hour +
Play Time: Unlimited!  

Who doesn’t love bubbles?! We sure love them in our house! Sadly, we were currently out of bubble solution. Typically when I make homemade bubbles, I use glycerin but I also do not have that in my house now. At first I thought I was out of luck then I remembered a member family once shared with me that they always use honey in their homemade bubbles so for the first time my family tried replacing glycerin with honey and it worked GREAT! I hope your family enjoys this bubble solution as much as mine did!  


Step 1: Measure out your ingredients. Don’t forget to let your kiddos help with this step! Measuring is great practice for developing brains.  

Step 2: Combine all ingredients together in the large container. If you have one I love using a beverage dispense with a spout because it makes it easy for kids of all ages to refill their bubble solution on their own!   

Step 3:  Gently mix together the honey, dish soap and water. Don’t mix too vigorously or the bubbles won’t work as well.  

Step 4: Let bubbles rest for at least 1 hour (over night is best). Now it is time to play!  

Do you have a favorite bubble solution recipe? We would love to hear it! Make sure you share photos of your bubble play or recipe ideas on the Explore & More Facebook page!  

Vocabulary Words

Mixture: a substance that is made by mixing other substances together

Solution: a liquid mixture where the smaller component(s) are mixed into the larger component 

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