Sanity Savers: Birthday Edition – Slime

Written by Amelia Schrader
Senior Manager of Learning and Education  

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6 oz glue 2 tbsp contact solution or saline solution
½ tsp baking soda
Food coloring – you will not need this if you are using colored glue
Glitter (optional)  

Sanity Savers: Birthday Edition - Slime


Prep Time: 5 minutes
Play Time: Unlimited!  

Academic Subject(s):


Slime is such a fun science experiment for little ones – especially sensory seekers! Our family loves making all different kinds of slime! This is one of our favorite recipes! Many slime recipes use borax but not everyone has that ready in their home. This is an alternative recipe for those who have contact or saline solution in their home!  


Step 1: Measure out each of our ingredients.  
Step 2: Start by mixing together you glue and baking soda. If you are adding food coloring or glitter do this now as well!  
Hint: If you want to make a true glitter slime I really recommend using a glitter glue. We did not have glitter glue so we added regular glitter, but it did not turn out a vibrant as glitter glue based slime.  
Hint 2: Using white glue will make your color appear “milky”. To get a translucent slime you need to use clear glue. I also recommend you use a name brand glue such as Elmer’s. In my slime making experience brand name glues tend to form a better slime.  
Step 3: Add in the contact solution and mix well. You will see your slime start to form quickly.  

Step 4: Once all ingredients are fully incorporated it is time to play!   Not only is this a fun, sensory experience for kiddos but they are also doing some hands on exploration of some complicated science concepts! Slime is a polymer. That means it is made up of a chain of molecules. There is a chemical reaction that occurs between the glue and the saline solution that causes a new substance to be formed! The individual molecules can no longer move freely but they have become tangled in a chain to create the slime.  This is just one way to make slime! You can also make fluffy slime by using shaving cream or scented slime using Jell-O or extracts. Have a grown up help you go online to find more slime recipes!  Post a picture of your slime creation on the Explore & More Facebook page!  

Vocabulary Words

Polymer: a substance that has a molecular structure that primary consists of a large number of similar units bonded or linked together.
Chemical Reaction: a process that rearranges the molecular or iconic structure of a substance to create a few substance.
Translucent: allowing through some light but not detailed shapes or images. 

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