Sanity Savers: Birthday Edition – Magic Wands

Written by: Dan Walsh
STEM Educator

Download a PDF version of this Sanity Saver here!

Sanity Savers: Birthday Edition - Magic Wands

Supplies ideas:

Craft sticks, straws, construction paper, scissors, glue, ribbon

Sanity Savers: Birthday Edition - Magic Wands


5 minutes plus drying time

Academic Subjects:

Directions for Magic Wands

It’s Explore & More’s Birthday, and we need your help to make a wish for us. With these magical steps you can create your own magic wand. The magic wand can also double as a great reading pointer for as you read.  


1.)   Start by drawing a bunch of different sized stars, then color them in.
2.)   Cut the stars out.
3.)   Using a glue stick, attach a big star to the top of your craft stick or straw.  4.)   Then cover your wand with different sized stars and shapes!

5.)   Ribbon can be curled by dragging the dull end of a pair of scissors down the ribbon.
6.)   Glue the ribbon on the back of your wand.
7.)   Make a wish!! 

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