Sanity Savers: Architect Shapes

Presented by: M&T Bank

By Will Kawalec
Lead Play to Learn Facilitator


Construction Paper
Pre-Cut Shapes (construction paper)
Glue Sticks
Crayons and/or Markers


Set up: 5 Minutes
Activity 5-20 Minutes  

Academic Subject(s):

Art, Architecture, Math 

This lesson supports Preschool to Second Grade:

MST 1.G.A.2
MST 2.G.A.1
SCI K-2-ETS1-2 
This lesson supports areas of Early Childhood Development and PreK Curriculum: To build a 2D house or building out of precut shapes.   Have a building to display that is made up of entirely shapes.  Recognizing Shapes, using shapes and imagination to create a building structure.  Using shapes to create an imaginative image.  Using shapes to mimic famous buildings ( including famous Buffalo buildings).   

Sanity Savers: Architect Shapes


Step 1:  Start by selecting one sheet of construction paper for your buildings backdrop.
Step 2:  Select the shapes you will want to use to build your structures, circle, square, rectangle, triangles, arch, oval, column.  Step 3:  Arrange the shapes to make a structure of your choosing then when ready glue the shapes to the construction paper to make your building. 
Step 4: Decorate glued shapes after the glue has dried.   

Sanity Savers: Architect Shapes

Vocabulary Words

·Architecture: The practice of designing and constructing buildings.
·Architect:  Someone who does architecture for their career.
·Façade: The front side or face of a building.  

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