Sanity Savers: Apple Cars

Sponsored by: National Grid

By Dan Walsh
STEM Educator

Supplies needed:

Apples, blueberries, grapes, marshmallows, toothpicks

Sanity Savers: Apple Cars


Build time: 5-10 minutes   

Academic Subjects:

Science/ Engineering   
This lesson supports the following standards:
ETS1.A: Defining Engineering Problems – A situation that people want to change or create can be approached as a problem to be solved through engineering. Such problems may have many acceptable solutions. (secondary to KPS2-2)  
ETS1.A: Defining Engineering Problems – Possible solutions to a problem are limited by available materials and resources (constraints). The success of a designed solution is determined by considering the desired features of a solution (criteria). Different proposals for solutions can be compared on the basis of how well each one meets the specified criteria for success or how well each takes the constraints into account.  


 Adding a design challenge to this lesson can add an extra layer of fun. Welcome to Apple City, this is a city that is made completely out of apples. Even cars are made out of apples. Today we will be acting as mechanics to learn how to make our own apple car to zoom around the city.
1.)   Have a grown-up slice an apple into individual slices.
2.)   Then we are going to stick two toothpicks in the apple. These will act as the axel.

3.)   Place a blueberry, grape, or marshmallow on each toothpick.
4.)   The apple car should be ready to drive. Students can shift the plate up and down to make the car drive across the plate. Students can even race each other in the Appletona 2020.  

Vocabulary words

Axel– The bar that connects two wheels together.
Mechanic– A person that uses tools to build, maintain and repair machinery.      

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