Sanity Saver: Paper Airplane Toss Game

By: Valerie Drapeau
Education Coordinator


1 long piece of newspaper

1 piece of white copy paper



3 index cards

3 bowls of differing sizes (no larger than a medium sized mixing bowl)

Adult and child safe scissors



Set up: 5 minutes

Activity: 10 minutes to create and endless fun to have!

Academic Subject(s):  

Art and basic Engineering (Aeronautics)

Looking for a new game that you can create right inside your home, especially on a rainy day?  Look no further than the Paper Airplane Toss Game!  This easy point board is simple to create and will provide loads of fun.  You can even customize your airplane and try different versions to see what works the best!  Find a partner to play against.


Step 1: Place all three bowls of differing sizes (from smallest to largest) on the piece of newspaper spread out.  Flip the bowls over and trace around them with a pencil.

Step 2: Parents, you may need to assist with this step!  Use adult scissors that have a pointed tip to cut a small slit in the first circle.  Children can then finish cutting out the circle with child safe scissors.  Complete this step for all three circles.

Step 3: Here’s a great opportunity for number writing practice!  Write 3 increasing point values on index cards; one for each circle.  For the largest circle, you would appoint the lowest number because getting the airplane through it would be the easiest!  Your totals could be something like 10, 20, 30.  Or you could do 25, 50, 100; whatever values you would like. Encourage your child to write these number totals with a marker on an index card.

Step 4: Tape the index cards above the circles (with the lowest total on the largest circle, and the highest point total on the smallest).  Then place tape rolls on the back of the newspaper just at the top.  Tape your “board” to any doorway in your home to play!

Step 5: Create your paper airplane.  Take one piece of copy paper and fold it aerodynamically (try some different folds to see which flies the best)!

Step 6: Time to play!  Stand about five feet back at least and see if you can get your plane through each hole.  Keep trying or design a new plane!

Try out your plane solo or find a partner to compete against and keep score.  You can even attempt some variables in the game like throwing from different distances, or even try launching it with your non-dominant hand!

Vocabulary Words

Aerodynamics: a branch of dynamics that deals with the motion of air and other gaseous fluids.

Dominant hand:  Hand dominance is the preference for using one hand over the other to perform fine and gross motor tasks.  This includes activities like writing, cutting, and catching and throwing a ball.

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