Sanity Saver: Biodegradable Bird Feeder

Sponsored by: National Grid

Written by: Dan Walsh
STEM Educator

Supplies ideas:  

Any citrus fruit that can be hallowed out such as an orange, spoon, knife, hole puncher, and bird seed, newspaper or table cloth


10 minutes

Academic Subjects:


Directions for Biodegradable Bird Feeder

Did you know ornithology is the study of birds, this includes migration patterns, colors, and even bird calls! Today we will be creating our own biodegradable bird feeders. Biodegradable means that it can decompose naturally without leaving behind any trash.

1.)  Find the best place to work and place a tablecloth down that you can get dirty. With the help of an adult cut your piece of fruit in half.
2.)  Hallow out both of the insides of the fruit with a spoon. Try to get as much of the fruit out as you can. The insides make for a great snack!
3.)  Once the fruit halves are hallowed out, take your hole puncher and punch four holes opposite each other.
4.)  Tie a piece of string connecting two of the holes, repeat this process for the other two holes. Make sure the string is long enough to hang from a tree.
5.)  Once you are outside, fill the bird feeder with seed and then hang it from a tree! Keep an eye on your feeder, and marvel at the different types of birds that visit.  

Biodegradable Bird Feeder Vocabulary:

Ornithologists– studies all aspects of birds This includes bird songs, colors, flight and migration patterns, and so much more!  
Roost- a place where birds gather to sleep at night or a place where bats gather to sleep during the day.
Genus– A large group of different animals that are closely related. Much like a last name for a family, animals have a genus, to make them easier to identify.  
Species– If genus is a animals last name, then their first name is species. Species describes one kind of animal within a genus. 
Migration– The seasonal movement of animals from one area to another. 

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