Veterans Day Sanity Saver: Popsicle Stick American Flag

By: Cassi Leibowitz
Intern with Learning and Education

Presented by National Fuel

National Fuel


Hero Dad (optional)
Paint (red white and blue)
Paint brush
Craft sticks (6)


Story Reading: 2 – 6 minutes
Activity: 15 minutes

Academic Subject:

English Language Arts (ELA)

Development Subject Areas

CGD: Child Growth and Development
LEC: Learning Environments and Curriculum
FCP: Family and Community Partnerships

Each of us play an important role that make up our communities. Seen through our Being Good Neighbors Play Zone, no one can do their jobs alone! This exhibit teaches visitors the key steps to how to be a cooperative and caring member of society. Although this may be hard to discuss at such young ages, it’s important to see how every person has a different position in their neighborhoods. Especially for those who make the ultimate sacrifice by serving our country, we celebrate our Veterans! 

Although playing in the museum may look different right now, this PreK to 2nd grade lesson is designed to celebrate and honor our community heroes. Combining this lesson with a beautifully illustrated children’s book is a great way to start the conversation about our American soldiers!


Step 1: Read the story, Hero Dad by Melinda Hardin. You can borrow a free copy of this book from the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library!

Step 2: Discuss some of the images in the story. You can use some of the following questions to prompt discussion:

  • Do you know anyone whose dad is a soldier?
  • Do you know what soldiers do for us?
  • Do you know any songs about America?

Step 3: Paint 3 sticks red, two sticks white and one stick black.

Step 4: Lay 5 craft sticks horizontally, side by side. They should be in the following order red, white, red, white and red.

Step 5: Put glue on the sides of each craft stick, connecting them to make a flat square, this is now your flag!

Step 6: Get the black craft stick and glue the flat face to the back-left side of the flag, this is now your flag pole!

Step 7: Flip the flag over so your flag pole is touching the table (flag up). Decorate your flag red, white, and blue. Don’t forget to decorate your flag pole!

Step 8: Make a small square in the top left corner of your flag blue, this is where the stars will go! The square should be as big as 3 craft sticks, and half way across.

Step 9: Once the blue paint is dry, put white dots on the flag. Try to fit 50 for all 50 states!

Step 10 (optional): Put flag outside your house as a Thank You to your neighborhood veterans!

Vocabulary Words

  1. Propelled: to push or move forward
  2. X-Ray: an internal photograph used for medical reasons
  3. Tank: a large storage unit for liquid or gas
  4. Camouflage: a disguise to blend into environment
  5. Platoon: a group of soldiers

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