Polish Heritage Sanity Saver: Red Poppy Flowers

Created in partnership with the The Permanent Chair of Polish Culture at Canisius College.

By Amelia Schrader, Senior Manager of Education and
Julia Bozer, Cultural Program Educator

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Social Studies, Art


Appreciating Diversity
Fine Motor Skills


15-20 minutes


• Cardboard egg carton • Scissors
• Buttons or beads • Glue stick
• Red paint or markers • Paint brush
• Pipe cleaners

This lesson is brought to you by the Permanent Chair of Polish Culture at Canisius College. Explore & More is thrilled to partner with this organization to showcase Polish traditions, heritage and culture through activities, stories and food. Poland is a country located in central Europe. There are many people in Buffalo and WNY that have roots in Poland. Our community celebrates many Polish traditions at Easter, Christmas and throughout the year. We hope you enjoy these Polish activities and think about incorporating some of them in your family’s yearly traditions!

Did you know that the red poppy is the national flower of Poland? These special flowers have medicinal, sentimental and cultural significance across Poland. Red poppies are a reoccurring theme in poems and folk songs. They are also notably a symbol to remember those who passed away during WWI and one of love. The petals are often used to create sought after dyes and oils used around the world. Red poppies also have several qualities used in natural medicine.

Today we are going to make our own red poppies to celebrate Poland!


Before beginning have an adult cut the egg carton into individual pieces so that each egg slot is separated from each other. Lay out the rest of the materials for the child.

STEP 1 Have the child color or paint the egg carton pieces red, just like the national flower of Poland.

STEP 2 Glue a bead or button to the assembled and painted carton in the center. This button represents the stigma of a flower or the part that holds the pollen.

STEP 3 Connect a pipe cleaner to the opposite of the beaded side and push it through the bottom of the egg carton. You may need a grown up to help you with this step. The pipe cleaner represents the stem of the flower.

STEP 4 Now that the flower has been assembled, you can repeat this process to make a bouquet.


STEM: The main body and support of a plant. The stem of a sunflower is really sturdy and supports the plant.

ROOTS: The part of a plant that reaches into the ground helping the plant to gain nutrients. The oak tree in my backyard has really deep roots, that’s how it grew so tall.

STIGMA: Located at the end of the stalk of a plant. This is the area where all the pollen is received.

RED POPPIES: The National Flower of Poland.

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