Sanity Savers: Rangoli

Amelia Schrader
Senior Manager of Learning and Education

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Rangoli Outline (download here)
Colored Sand
Liquid Glue
Shallow Tray (optional)


Activity Time: 15 minutes +   

Academic Subject:

Social Studies

Halloween is not the only holiday celebrated in the fall. Each year sometime between mid-October and mid-December Diwali is celebrated throughout the world. In 2020, Diwali will begin on November 12th and end of November 16th. It is a five day long celebration that originated in India. The most important day of Diwali is the third day of celebration. This day is so important that it is a national holiday in India. Today, as we learn a little more about Diwali or the Festival of Light, we are going to make our own rangoli sand art!

Rangoli sand art is a traditional part of Diwali celebrations. Traditionally these artworks are created out of colored sand, rice or quarts and created on the floor. Rangoli art is though to bring good luck to the home. Today, our rangoli art will be created on paper instead of the floor but you will still gain a sense of beauty and tradition from this art form.


Step 1: Trace the lines on the Rangoli outline with glue. Try and make your glue lines as thin as possible.

*Hint: Choose your colors one at a time! Only trace glue lines where you want to put each individual color. If you trace all the glue at once it will be harder to separate the colors.

Step 2: Carefully sprinkle colored sand over the glue. After a few minutes, gently shake the excess sand into a separate container.  

Step 3: Let your Rangoli design finish drying. Depending on the amount of glue you used this could take several hours or eve over night. Once it is dry, display your rangoli design with pride to celebrate Diwali!

Vocabulary Words

Diwali – The Festival of Lights: This is one of the largest Indian Holidays and it is celebrated by a billion people of 4 different faiths – Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists. This massive celebration signifies victory of light over darkness and good over evil. Diwali is celebrated by lighting Diyas (clay lamps), creating beautiful rangoli sand art, enjoying fireworks, wearing new clothes and eating special foods!

Rangoli – Intricate floor art created with colored sand. Images can be simple geometric shapes or elaborate floral designs. The purpose of rangoli is to feel strength and generosity. These designs are also believed to bring good luck.

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