Meet the Team: Our Education Team Works!

You can feel it when you walk into the museum. The building buzzes with the energy of eager children and adults playing and having fun. That buzz is an indicator that there’s a whole lot of learning going on.

When you find a museum that teems with the energy of learning, chances are there’s a whole lot of teaming going on too. The Explore & More Education Team members are dedicated to their common goals and they also care about the other members of the team. Our Goal is to provide the “best in class” experience for children and families. Our team “works” because we have diverse members who have open minds, strong work ethics, creativity, and good leadership. There’s no room for personal agendas when it comes to teaming! 

Field trips are back! Please be aware that it will be busier than usual. | Explore & More will be closed on Sunday, June 16.