Explore Even More: Spring Walking Adventure

When you hear the word spring, what do you think of? I think of melting snow, flowers blooming, fresh air, cute critters, and walks outside! Walks are a wonderful way to stay active with your family. At Explore & More we are celebrating spring with a series of health and wellness activities.

Let’s make a simple craft that can help make outdoor walks a little more involved.

Sanity Savers: Binoculars for a Bear Hunt

What you’ll need:
2 Craft tubes
Tape or glue
Extra optional supplies:
Misc. decorations
Markers or crayons

1. Decorate your craft tubes. Color them or glue fun craft supplies on them.
2. Attach them together using tape or glue.
3. Attach ribbon with tape or glue at the end if you would like.

Bring your finished binoculars with you on your spring walk. Ask fun questions to help observe the world through your binoculars. “What kind of animals do you see?,” “What kind of colors do you see?.” This can also be a fun activity to incorporate early literacy review. Ask questions like “do you see something that starts with a ‘T’?” “You see a bird? What letter does b-b-b-bird start with?”

Have a happy spring!

Ms. Jackie
Lead Play to Learn Facilitator

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