Explore Even More: Recreating Rain

I hope you’ve been wearing your rainboots and jumping in puddles this April! What kind of spring would it be without wet puddles and oozy mud? I’m so thankful for the rain because it means we will see flowers soon. In this activity we’ll think a little more about rain with an easy do-it-at-home science experiment.

For this experiment we will create a visual example of how rain works.  The shaving cream represents clouds, the water represents air, and the food dye is rain.  When the food dye drips onto the shaving cream, it’ll stay there shortly, until it’s too heavy. It’ll fall through the cloud and into the water- and look very similar to rain! 


  • Tall container of water 
  • Shaving cream 
  • Food dye 
  • Dropper/pipette (optional) 


STEP 1: Fill container with water, leaving a few inches from the top 
STEP 2: Spray shaving cream on top 
STEP 3: Drip food dye onto the shaving cream 
STEP 4: Observe 

I hope you’ll have fun with this rainy-day themed activity! For added fun spray more shaving cream on a tray for a messy sensory activity. 
Ms. Jackie

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