Explore Even More: Pre-K Snowy Day

I have exciting news: I’ll be hosting a pre-K class on January 28th and the theme will be “Pre-K Snowy Day”.

In our classes we focus on imaginative & dramatic play, strengthening early math, literacy, social, gross and fine motor skills. We learn and play at the same time! If your kids are pre-k aged, love fun and making new friends you are invited to register here. In December, our theme was “Blast Off Into the New Year” where we pretended to be silly space creatures, and we practiced our names and letters while crafting a rocket ship. We ended our day with story time and a count down, so we could blast off into 2023!

While you’re waiting for class on the 28th, make a snow globe- it’s a surprisingly easy craft and you only need a few supplies. One of my students made a snow globe for me, and I proudly display it on my desk all year long!

What you’ll need:

  • A sealable, see-through jar (mason jar, recycled sauce jar, water bottle, etc.)
  • Water
  • Glitter
  • Glycerin
  • Food dye
  • Super glue- to be handled by an adult

1. I use plastic jars that I purchased in bulk on Amazon- start by filling it ¾ full of water.
2. Add 1-4 drops of glycerin, this will help your glitter fall like snow in the water.
3. Add 1 drop of food dye, and watch the droplets fall into the glycerin- so cool!
4. Add more food dye if it’s not saturated to your desire. One drop at a time.
5. Add a small amount of glitter- a little goes a long way. Don’t spill!
6. Take the lid to the jar, and carefully have an adult apply super glue, and seal it shut.
7. Let the glue cure for half an hour before you shake your snow globe!

Don’t forget to register for our class on the 28th, friends!

Ms. Jackie

We are OPEN FOR PLAY Wednesday-Sunday 10am-4pm! Field trips are back so please be aware it will be busier than usual.