Explore Even More: Fun with Shaving Cream

It’s time to explore from home with a fun sensory activity that will encourage the development of creative thinking, fine motor skills, early literacy, early math, and vocabulary skills through play. I love watching the snow fall outside my window in the month of February. It’s a great time to stay warm indoors and cuddle close to family. You can bring the snowflakes inside your home by using shaving cream and a flat surface depending on your preference. This activity is ideal for children ages 2 and up.

What you’ll need:
Shaving cream
Flat surface (countertop, a plate, the bathtub, it’s your choice!)
Spatula (optional)

What you’ll do:
Start with a small amount of shaving cream on your surface and let your child begin exploring! You can smash it, squish it, draw, and write with shaving cream. You can discuss the noise the can makes, and what the shaving cream smells, looks, and feels like. Your child can express their creativity while using their fine motor skills by drawing in the shaving cream. You can join in the fun by writing letters or numbers in the shaving cream and encouraging your child to participate. School-aged children who are practicing addition, subtraction, and spelling words can also learn and study through play!

Have fun and stay warm!
Ms. Jackie
Lead Play to Learn Facilitator

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