Explore Even More: Eye Spy Signs of Fall

Have you and your kiddos noticed the chill in the air? What other things have you been noticing this time of year? Pumpkins? Scarecrows? In my classes this time of year we do a scavenger hunt around the museum looking for the signs of fall. Maybe you and your family can do a nature walk around your neighborhood and look for falling leaves, acorns, and crows!

Even if you’re looking for a rainy fall day activity, feel free to print out this attachment and hang the images around your house. On my sheet, there are 10 items total to look for. Can you find them all?

Scavenger hunts and eye spy games also can make family walks more interesting and enticing. It’s a great way to have conversations about what you look forward to in different seasons! They can even become introductory math lessons. “If there are 10 items on my list, and we found 2, how many more are left?” After you’re done using the printout for eye spy, use it as a coloring sheet! Coloring is a great way to talk about colors, practice “pinching” the utensil, and is great for building fine motor skills.

I know that this fall season is going to be great! Have fun!

Ms. Jackie

Field trips are back! Please be aware that it will be busier than usual.