building Buffalo

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Be inspired by Buffalo’s storied architectural history. Work together to construct your own great structures out of different building materials. Step into a construction zone and design, experiment and build anything imaginable, including a bridge, a house and a city. Imagine yourself as the next great architect, builder or urban planner.


bridge challenge

Challenge yourself to design and build a structurally sound bridge through trial and error. Learn firsthand the importance of sound design by experiencing the sensation of walking or crawling across an unsupported arch.

house building

Friends of Explore & More know we love to dress up in hard hats and vests and get to work building things, besides new museums. Use play tools, siding, electrical wiring and plumbing to build a wood frame house.

architect’s office

Sit in the architect’s chair and consider the architectural styles, influences and objectives of design. Come explore the different technological advances used in architecture and understand how these new technologies influenced styles throughout the ages.

big build

Build on your knowledge of blocks, either as a solid foundation for creating tall structures, or as a comparable for measurement, such as, “I am this many blocks tall.”

city building

Enjoy a miniature view of the skyline on our enormous tabletop map of Buffalo. The map features 3D printed models of the buildings that bring Buffalo together including cultural centers, libraries, schools, and sports arenas.

Recycling Truck exhibit

recycling truck

The Recycling Truck exhibit, by Modern Disposal, puts children in the driver’s seat! Elements of the truck actually work like the lights, and rear view camera, imitating an authentic experience. Furthermore, children can learn how to recycle various products by placing them in the appropriate slot on the truck. Additionally, with the museum’s emphasis on access and inclusion, the truck features ADA handrails.

nys early learning guideline

Click here to see an outline of guidelines by developmental age group for the following areas:

  • social and emotional development;
  • communication, language and literacy skills;
  • community and culture;
  • STEM;
  • Arts/Arts Appreciation;
  • and physical well-being, health and motor development.

Additionally, this chart identifies the primary and secondary learning domains of each zone.

Building Buffalo NYS Early Learning Guidelines
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