Did You Know? Pi Day

Did you know March 14th is celebrated as Pi Day because 3.14 are the first few numerals of the mathematical constant π?  That is a math concept some of our younger friends will learn way down the road that you may remember from your time in school! 

Did you know though that Explore & More highlights early math skills all over the museum that you can start practicing with your little ones today?  Everywhere you turn, there are opportunities to learn about numbers, counting, and more!

  • Next time you visit, try these fun ways to explore early math concepts! 
  • Have your little one sell you a Super Kiss car wash in the Delta Sonic Car Wash exhibit by reading the dollar amount it would cost on the touchscreen. 
  • Find three lug nuts to secure a tire on the car in the mechanic shop. 
  • Help your little one deliver the mail to the proper house in the Being Good Neighbors exhibit.  Make sure to check the address…should the mail go to 123 or 125 Being Good Neighbors Drive? 
  • Try weighing a fish on the third floor and show your child how a scale works with ounces and pounds. 
  • Count the number of eggs together in the chicken coop or the orange carrots on the fourth floor. 
  • While you’re there in Farm to Fork, see if you can put the cookies from the cookie jar in order from 0 to 10. 
  • Have your child hop on a cash register in the market and practice buying and selling fruits and vegetables for different prices.  With our pretend money, you will be their favorite customer! 
  • You can even count our floors together when you take an elevator ride. 

Numbers and early math skills are everywhere you look when you come to play at Explore & More!

Field trips are back! Please be aware that it will be busier than usual. | Explore & More will be closed on Sunday, June 16.