Dan’s STEM Corner: Pan American Exposition

May 1st marked the opening day of the Pan American Exposition, which opened in Buffalo, NY in 1901. The exposition was a world’s fair that highlighted advancements in science. There are a few really cool scientific advancements that stick out. First Nikola Tesla highlighted hydropower, by harnessing Niagara Falls to power the entire exposition. The video featured here was filmed by Thomas Edison and features an electrical show on the Electrical Tower.     

The second advancement highlighted science and art crossing over as one of the first dark rides was debuted at the exposition. A dark ride is an indoor amusement ride, where guests are guided through different scenes. The electric-powered dark ride at the exposition was called A Trip to The Moon, visitors would board a flying ship that would take them from Niagara Falls to the Moon. Once arriving at the moon, visitors could explore a papier-mâché built Moon scene.    

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