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Autism Acceptance Month

By Alexis Turan, Access & Inclusion Intern Did you know that Autism Awareness Month was founded in April 1970 by Bernard Rimland, Ph.D., a psychologist and autism researcher. He chose the month of April to coincide with his son’s birthday and the start of spring! The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN) has called April “Autism Acceptance Month” since 2011, stating, “Acceptance Read more about Autism Acceptance Month »

Play Ball!

By Will Kawalec, Cultural Program Educator  Along with the promise of warmer weather, blooming flowers, and more sunshine, the month of April brings with it the start to the great American pastime, of baseball! For millions of Americans, the start of the new baseball season is a holiday in itself. Opening Day brings with it nostalgia of watching, and playing Read more about Play Ball! »

What does “April” mean?

By Mara Gordon, Play to Learn Facilitator Did you know that April takes its name from the Latin word aperire, meaning ‘to open’, just like the daffodils do during this month all around us! April 1st used to be the start of the new year in the Janus calendar, but that was changed to January 1st when the Gregorian calendar Read more about What does “April” mean? »

Feeling Crafty this Spring?

By Jacalyn Modrzynski, Lead Educator Who is feeling crafty this spring? Let’s have fun making a unique craft using construction paper in an unusual way! When we use paper we often use it as a flat canvas for the rest of our artwork, but paper can be more than just flat. Paper can be springy, curly, and it can even Read more about Feeling Crafty this Spring? »

Rainbows: The bridge between the natural and super natural

By Mara Gordon, Play to Learn Facilitator Did you know that rainbows are an optical illusion? That means that rainbows don’t have a physical form or have a specific location in the sky. Rainbows happen when light hits water droplets at a 42 angle. This causes the light to experience refraction (also known as redirection) and reflection. As the light Read more about Rainbows: The bridge between the natural and super natural »

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