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Explore Even More: All the Leaves are Falling Down

I Love the colors of Fall- red, orange, yellow and brown! In our “Explore even More” class we discuss the changing leaves, and how they fall from the trees. One activity we all love is to pull out our parachute and place leaves on it (felt, plastic, or real!) When we move the parachute up and down, the leaves follow. You can do the same thing at home, even if you don’t have a parachute. You can have a lot of fun with a simple bed sheet. We like to name the colors of the leaves, count them, then watch them fall up and down as we play and sing. Here’s a fun song to include in your activity if you’d like:

Every “Body” Can Play: Gathering and Gratitude

November is the start to a busy season of celebrations and gatherings for many. Holidays with extended family or participating in community events can be joyful as well as stressful. Planning and being flexible can go a long way to help ease the stress, for everyone! Families with children with special needs may find it even more challenging if their children struggle with changes in routine, sensory issues or becoming overstimulated in large groups.

Will’s Culture Corner: November 2022 Edition

As we near closer and closer to winter, and colder temperatures and shorter days become the norm. Few activities feel as perfect in the late fall as cozying up to a good book. The same can be said to those visiting here at Explore & More. A central focus of our organization is to highlight and emphasize the importance of literacy. Walking through our museum space you will notice that there are books accompanying nearly every exhibit. These have been curated to match the theme of the exhibit they have been placed within.

A Letter from Lisa: November Edition

The holiday season is upon us, and most parents and caregivers find themselves dreaming of family gatherings filled with warmth and generosity, surrounded by children who are well behaved, polite and most of all, happy.

A Letter from Lisa: October Edition

With Halloween approaching, thoughts turn toward costumes, trick-or-treating, and other holiday-related activities. For some children, however, Halloween becomes more than just an opportunity to dress up and get candy. Something deeper may be going on.