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Polish Heritage Sanity Saver: Gwiazdy

“Gwiazdy” means “stars” in Polish. This is a paper cutting craft similar to wycinanki art from Łowicz and Kurpie. Gwiazdy appear similar to paper snowflakes, however these cut outs are distinguished by their eight sided patterns.

Polish Heritage Sanity Saver: Pajaki Paper Chandelier

Pajaki is Polish for “spider,” and these delicate Polish “chandeliers” look like spiders made of paper and straws – originally, they were made from the leftover straw of the autumn harvest season. Pajaki are part of a long Polish paper folk art tradition that includes paper cuttings and paper flower paintings. Traditionally, pajaki mobiles would be hung from the ceilings of Polish village homes during the Christmas season for protection during the hard, cold winter months.

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