Our Move to Canalside

You may have read some stories recently in the news about changes in our move to Canalside. Here’s the update!

ECHDC had originally slated the Museum for a parcel in the South Aud Block that was both on the tow path of the canal and abutting Main Street. Last fall, they decided to put that parcel out to bid for private development, with the caveat that 40,000 square feet be reserved for Explore & More. They received one proposal, and have not been able to reach an agreement on terms.

So ECHDC has now decided to slate that parcel solely for private development. Under their new proposal, Explore & More would move to an adjacent parcel on the canal at Canalside, in a standalone building that ECHDC would build. We are now completing our due diligence to confirm that this new parcel will be able to support all of the world-class plans we developed with the community for a Children’s Museum that would be both sustainable and iconic, making us all proud to be Western New Yorkers.

We hope to complete the due diligence soon to announce the new site in detail, and begin building. We will keep you posted on our progress!

Explore & More will be closed on Sunday, June 9.