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Storytime: Lauren Hall reads The Dancing Swan

Lauren Hall from WGRZ reads The Dancing Swan by Lauren Walier. Explore & More celebrates Buffalo and Western New York and we love to share inspiring stories from local friends. In our story, Lauren overcame a huge hurtle in life to become a beautiful ballerina.

Storytime: Russell Salvatore reads Quack! Ribbit! Roar!

Storytime: Russell Salvatore reads Quack! Ribbit! Roar! This is a great story about the sounds some of our favorite animals make! Some of these animals can even be found in the Person Centered Services Treehouse or Farm to Fork exhibits at Explore & More!

Storytime: Tamara Alsace lee La Llama Llama Rojo Pijama

La mamá de la llamita (llama llama rojo pijama) la acuesta, pero la llamita no está lista para dormir. La mamá llama está ocupada y no responde cuando la llamita, muy despierta, la llama desde la cama. S\La llama llama rojo pijama se pone muy inquieta, ¡e imagínense lo que pasa cuando la mamá al fin vuelve al cuarto!

Storytime: Eric Wood reads Little Blue Truck’s Springtime

The Little Blue Truck books are a favorite in our Farm to Fork play zone! So many of the animals in these stories can be found while playing in our farm! With the arrival of spring this is a perfect story to share with you today!

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