Explore & More – The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Children’s Museum is expanding our STEM education by enhancing our Digital Enrichment Programming that will provide an innovative learning experience for 3,000 third-grade students attending Title 1 Schools in Buffalo & Niagara Falls, NY. 


  • An educational video to be viewed prior to students beginning the Digital Enrichment stations. 
  • At the museum, students will visit four stations where they will participate in hands-on activities. They will receive a passport booklet highlighting the activities they completed that they can take home. 
  • After completion of the station visits, each group of students will be provided a recap of what the children learned on the day of their visit and enjoy a fun virtual wrap-up component! 

 LENGTH: 2 hr. field trip; 40 minutes of stations during that 2 hr. timeframe 

HOW MANY: We are hoping to reach 3,000 3rd grade students in total 

CHAPERONES: We request that you maintain a child to adult ratio of 5:1. Furthermore, we recommend that you assign each adult to a small group of children for whom they will facilitate learning. Ideal group sizes are between 5 to 10 students. 

WHEN: Thursdays from 10 AM- 12PM 


HOW TO REGISTER: Schedule your third grade class AT&T Digital Enrichment Field Trip by contacting us at (716)655-5131 ext.7071 or emailing [email protected].

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Special thanks to our friends at AT&T for their support in helping make the AT&T Digital Enrichment Program a reality for 3,000 Western New York third graders!

Did you know?

AT&T offers a FREE digital learning platform designed to make distance learning more engaging, entertaining, and inspiring for K-12 students.  To learn more about The Achievery, click here.

Upcoming Hours - OPEN: 7/17-22 | CLOSED: 7/23, 7/30