Will’s Culture Corner: October Edition

The seasons are changing, and that crisp morning air means one thing, that autumn has begun. Fall, at Explore & More, brings with it many events and activities that help in welcoming the season to those across Western New York. October at Explore & More is a month packed full of exciting educational programming events, all of which are tied to the month itself or the changing seasons. Our Education Team is eager to share with our guests all the lessons and ideas that have been developed for use during the busy month of October! From a culturally specific perspective, we will continue with Hispanic Heritage Month programming (September 15- October 15), as was discussed in last month’s newsletter.

October will also celebrate and highlight indigenous people as we celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Monday, October 11th. We will have programming activities dedicated to showcasing indigenous cultures from across North America. Spreading awareness and demonstrating the importance of Indigenous Peoples’ Day is tremendously important for our youth as it teaches our nation’s history, as well as the history of the spaces, we all call home. Western New York has close ties to indigenous cultures and peoples, as the Seneca Nation, Iroquois, or Haudenosaunee (the Seneca are a part of the Iroquois Confederacy which is a group of 6 nations) have roots in our region. Illuminating our local native culture helps not only with informing visitors about people who are their neighbors but provides a foundation for better understanding the complex histories of our WNY region.

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