Will’s Culture Corner: October 2022 Edition

Here’s to hoping that everyone’s September was a breeze and that everyone’s children have adjusted to their new routines heading back to school. As summer turns to fall, and October begins it is important to remember that October is not just a time for changing leaves and costumes, but another month that important history and lessons can be learned.

The month brings with it important days of recognition such as Indigenous Peoples’ Day (Explore & More will be doing a good deal of programming around indigenous peoples during November which is Native American History Month), National Coming Out Day and World Mental Health Day. Each day of acknowledgment gives individuals and families time to emphasize the contributions and past histories of various people and groups of diverse identities. October is also host to a plethora of months celebrating the cultures of ethnic identity. As Filipino- American Heritage Month, German American Heritage Month, Italian American Heritage Month, and Polish Heritage Month, all occur during the 31 days of October. Explore & More will be spending time dedicating different crafts, lessons, and art projects, to honor and explore all of these various cultures. In an attempt to adequately honor each culture, we will try to broadly touch each one to allow appreciation for everything. Come in and try your hand at making Filipino-inspired Trapunto art, making a simplified German cuckoo clock, making a Polish Eagle, and designing your very own Italian sports car. Celebrating all of these cultures provides us the opportunity to experience the world from a different perspective and thus, better appreciate the people we share our planet with.

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