Will’s Culture Corner: July Edition


With Summer in Western New York now in full swing, Explore & More’s Education Team is committed to continuing to create, present, and share educational programming throughout our community. With many children on summer break, or out of a classroom, it is still important to remember that summer can be a valuable time for learning and educational growth. This month’s Culture Corner newsletter will focus on ways parents and guardians can use the summer months as a time to enrich their children. Summer is a perfect time to get active in one’s community, as there are a plethora of events and festivals that celebrate, diversity and community.

July and the rest of the summer months can foster civility and help mold children into more active community members. This July, The Italian Festival, Polish American Arts Festival, Macedonian Festival, Buffalo Irish Festival and Disability Pride will all take place! Attending events such as those above, will demonstrate different cultural customs, and broaden the horizons of children and young people who attend. This month take advantage of the warm weather and use the Western New York environment to your advantage. Being in nature can improve academic outcomes, as it often assists in focus, problem-solving, and creativity. It has been proven that exposure to the outdoors will lead to positives in the classroom, so be sure to encourage outdoor exploration!

Apart from being adventurous outside and within the community, summer vacation is a fantastic time to encourage new scholastic learning. Encouraging the reading of books, watching educational videos and movies, and practicing the arts, are perfect out-of-classroom academic summer activities. Children will often gravitate to what their guardians encourage or enjoy, so keep in mind your interest can influence the children in your life! Inclusion in this learning can go a long way and lead to positive mental development. Ultimately, summer is a time to grow, it is our hope here at Explore & More, that we encourage this growth through continued learning in our growing community.

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