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Sanity Savers: Raft Challenge

Our friend Perry has gotten stranded on a desert island. On the island Perry has found corks, cardboard, and other recycled materials. Perry wants to build a raft out of these materials! Can you help Perry build a raft and carry her to safety?

Sanity Savers: Catapult

Even though we may be missing out on basketball this season, we still can run fun science experiments around basketball. For today’s experiment, we will be building our own catapults and seeing if we can score a basket.

Sanity Savers: Cereal Box Ramps

Are you looking for a fun activity on a rainy day perhaps? This easy craft made with materials from your home, can help children discover physics principals as they test the different speeds of objects. They will be having so much fun they won’t even realize that they are learning the basics of speed and velocity!

Sanity Savers: Ski Challenge

Relive the joys of skiing, even when we can’t go outside and play in the snow with the fun, at home activity!

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