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Sanity Savers: make your own sock puppet

Role playing with puppets is an easy way to address issues like telling the truth, as it invites the child to think critically about the situation and how they would resolve it from a neutral perspective.

Sanity Savers: How Would You Feel? Build your Own emoji!

This special “Sanity Saver” blog entry is based on the Living Lab project originally planned to be implemented with our visitors in Spring of 2020. In today’s activity we will have fun while we explore our emotions!

Sanity Savers: Can you build it this way?

Have you ever wondered when your child is going to realize you can’t see what they are pointing to because you are in the other room? Do you just wait for the day that your toddler understands that using different pictures can build the same building? Through this activity, caregivers will be able to compare and contrast buildings and talk about why different people sometimes see things differently.

Sanity Savers: Pretend Play Scenarios To Help Your Child Develop Causal Reasoning

The Living Lab is a collaborative project between UB’s Early Childhood Research Center (ECRC) and Explore & More – The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Children’s Museum. The Living Lab is designed to bring child development research and knowledge directly to you through play-like experiments with your child! Causal reasoning is the ability to identify causality; establishing the idea that a cause always comes before an effect. You can try to test your child’s ability to identify cause and effect relationships within a sequence of events!

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