professional development training held just for your team in our safe, spacious and inspiring museum!

The pandemic has dramatically changed our workplace. Whether returning to the office or adopting a hybrid working model, leaders recognize that they must reconnect teams.

Flexible work can make some employees feel less connected and many long to revitalize relationships with existing and new coworkers. Our “Play Leads the Way” can help to improve your team’s communication, engagement, and productivity. The full-day workshop includes:

research-based workstyle assessment

Training includes a FourSight® assessment that identifies workstyles to develop a more effective and productive team which is critical whether working in the same office or remotely.

immersive team challenges

Team challenges are designed to help enable greater team understanding and communication through fun hands-on learning experiences.

problem solving tools and practice

Training will help attendees gain a new point of view on how to better re-frame problems as opportunities using creative problem-solving tools.

workshop in progress!

team connections and learning

From the individual team workstyle assessment to creative problem-solving tool exercises, to the hands-on challenges, your team is sure to be inspired. They will walk away with enhanced team understanding and awareness of how a playful mindset can be leveraged to tackle some of the toughest challenges back on the job!

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facilitated by experts on play, creativity, and business leadership.

hands-on challenges

Reach for the Stars

Gold Rush Racers

Sweet Victory

Field trips are back, please be aware that it will be busier than usual.