Give 716 Day 2021

What we’re fundraising for:

This Give 716 Day we’ve partnered with Dunn Tire and Mason’s Mission to fundraise for an all-new exhibit: a fully accessible indoor playground because every child deserves the right to play. Dunn Tire has agreed to match every dollar donated, up to $25,000. Please consider supporting us, donations can be made starting at 7:16 pm on 7/15 through 11:59 pm on 7/16. There are various prizes and contests that you can be entered in, depending on your donation tier!

Every child deserves the right to play!

Every dollar you donate can turn into two or even three dollars, depending on the time the donation is made. All funds will go towards our fully inclusive indoor playground exhibit!

About the Playground:

Physical play is an important part of every child’s brain development. Multiple studies have shown that physical play benefits children’s physical, cognitive and social development, giving them a higher level of self-confidence and keeping them healthier overall. This is true for all kids – whether they have disabilities or not” (

According to www.curbed .com article – Why Cities Need Accessible Playgrounds – Nearly one in five people have a disability in the U.S., and 13 percent of kids enrolled in public school (about 6.7 million children) receive extra services for needs ranging from autism to hearing impairment. Play for a disabled child is one of the most important aspects of therapy. Interaction with others and a way to engage with the environment around them is crucial to their development and quality of life. Whether a child has cognitive issues, mobility challenges, or both, the design of most play areas inadvertently excludes a significant portion of the population playgrounds were built to serve. Unfortunately, in Western New York (WNY), there are only three truly 100% inclusive playgrounds, all designed and created by a local non-profit organization, Mason’s Mission. Adding to this is the fact that because of WNY weather, these accessible playgrounds are only utilized a couple months of the year.

It is for these reasons, and because it is our mission to serve all children and families, Explore & More is taking the inclusive outdoor playground concept and bringing it inside. Explore & More, under the direction of its Access & Inclusion and Education Committees, and in partnership with Mason’s Mission, will be building and installing an indoor inclusive playground to be located in the 3rd floor Playing Together Play Zone. This new inclusive and accessible exhibit will take away the barriers to exclusion, both physical and social, providing a “sensory-rich” experience and offering numerous benefits for all children year-round.

Double or Triple your Donation:

Throughout the day there will be incentives for giving as well as matching opportunities. The following is a list of companies that will be matching donations (up to $1,000 of an individual donation) – you may want to plan on making your donations (and encouraging your donors to make their donations) at the top of the following hours:

    1. 7/16/2021, 7am – Highmark of WNY will match up to $20,000. So, any and all donations to any charity will be matched starting at 7am, until the $20,000 is used up
    2. 7/16/2021, 8am – KeyBank will match up to $20,000.
    3. 7/16/2021, 11am – Sabres Foundation will match up to $15,000.
    4. 7/16/2021, noon – Bills Foundation will match up to $15,000.
    5. 7/16/2021, 7pm – Sabres and Bills Foundations will match up to $15,000.

Did we mention Dunn Tire will be matching any and all Explore & More donations during this time, up to $25,000!


Starting at 7:16pm on 7/15/2021, the first 2,000 people donating $71.60 (or more) will receive a Give 716 t-shirt that is branded with the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres logos. Please see attached.

  • Anyone donating $7.16 or more will be put into a drawing for a family four pack to the museum.
  • Anyone donating $100 or more will be put into a drawing for a family membership to the museum.
  • Anyone donating $250 or more will be put into a drawing for a birthday party (8 children) at the museum.
  • Anyone donating $500 or more will be put into a drawing for a chance to win dinner for four prepared by Chef Darian Bryan (personal chef to many of the Buffalo Bills) in your home.

A very special thank you to Dunn Tire for their generous match offer, for every dollar donated they will match it up to $25,000.

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