Did You Know? Winter Play

It’s only early January and we’ve already had a lot of snow here in WNY haven’t we? That means many kids have suited up in their snow pants, boots and jackets to head outside for some winter play!

Did you know that snow play is not just a fun way to beat the winter blues, but it’s also a great way to practice gross motor skill development? Get your little ones moving by trying these different snow play activities:

  1. Hopscotch in the snow – Grab some sticks and leaves (or anything that is not completely buried) and try to make a hopscotch pattern for children to try!
  2. Sand toy fun – Summer dreaming? Pull out the sand toys and buckets to make a snow castle. Digging in the snow might get your kids excited about shoveling too!
  3. Winter obstacle course – Pull out the cones and hula hoops from the garage to make a fun obstacle course for the kids to navigate.
  4. Build a snowman – Always a classic! The work children put in packing giant snowballs and mounds of snow is awesome gross motor skill development.
  5. Penguin waddle – Talk with children about how a penguin moves around in their environment and try to imitate that with a penguin waddle in the snow.
  6. Paper plate skating – Here’s an indoor activity to try, give your little one two paper plates, aka “skates”, to try some gross motor fun in the house! Encourage them to swing their arms and take long strides (safely!) with their legs for nimble skating moves.

With fun like this to be had outside (or inside!), kids will stay active all season long. For more play and excitement for your family, we’d love to have you join us this Winter at Explore & More, any time Wednesday through Sunday! 

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