Did You Know? Earth Day

Did you know that Earth Day began in 1970, as Senator Gaylord Nelson hoped to raise public awareness of air and water pollution? 

The idea evolved as a day of education about environmental issues and is now a globally celebrated holiday on April 22nd each year. Some of the topics of Earth Day that are great lessons for children include discussing what pollution is and ways we can keep our air and water clean, how to reduce, reuse and recycle waste, and talking to them about our environment and what kinds of plants, animals, buildings, and water areas they see in their community. 

Try taking a walk together to investigate these things as a family. Point out what you see, talk about the air you are breathing and practice recycling items together at a public facility. You could talk about what waste is versus what can be recycled and where, and how we play a huge role in helping earth by cutting our waste consumption. These are always a good reminder for grown-ups too and a great lesson for little ones on how we can help to keep the earth clean and happy!

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