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Sanity Savers: Raining Cloud

In this activity the child will not only get to use their imagination and create a colorful cloud, but also create a 3-dimensional cloud that displays two steps of the water cycle condensation (water collecting in the clouds) and precipitation (rain)!

Sanity Savers: Zipline Rockets

Did you know Buffalo played an integral role in the space race to the Moon? Even some of the rockets the astronauts on the mission to the moon were built right in our backyard. Today we are going to build our very own rockets.

Sanity Savers: Octopus Counting

Have your child practice their counting skills while you count and complete the 2020 Census! This fun art project about an octopus will get your child practicing counting, number recognition and fine motor skills.

Sanity Savers: Paper Bag Lungs

The current global pandemic, the COVID-19 Virus, is attacking a very important part of our body, our lungs. However, it can be hard for children to understand why lungs are so important and how they function. This simple activity will give children a hands on way of understanding this important concept.

Sanity Savers: Community Helpers need YOUR help

These activities will help your child understand the important roles of different community helpers and how YOU can help them by participating in the 2020 Decennial Census!