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STEM Saturday: Fleet Technicians

This Super STEM Saturday video is powered by National Grid! Join us as we explore what life is like for a fleet technician, followed by a super cool activity where Mr. Dan teaches us how to build our very own flashlight!

Dan’s STEM Corner: Voyager 1

September 5th, 1977 marks the launch date for the space probe Voyager 1. This space probe has been exploring space for over 40 years.

Meet the Team: Dan Walsh

STEM Educator Dan Walsh started his role at Explore & More back in the East Aurora days as the membership and bookings coordinator. Watching the museum grow from a one floor museum in East Aurora to a four-floor museum at Canalside was an amazing experience! During this time, Dan would fill in to teach Explore Even More, Culture Days at schools and libraries, and Read more about Meet the Team: Dan Walsh »

Membership Reimbursement

Attention Self-Directed Care Providers! Did you know, New York State will reimburse you for your Explore & More membership?

Dan’s STEM Corner: August 2021

Join us August 21st for STEM Saturday for our very special guests Penn Dixie Fossil Park. I’m a huge fan of Penn Dixie and I love to go fossil hunting there. Imagine stepping into the past to search for fossils from an ancient undersea environment that existed 380 million years ago. Located just south of Buffalo, the Penn Dixie Fossil Park Read more about Dan’s STEM Corner: August 2021 »