Annie’s STEM Lab: Encouraging STEM Skills at Home

by Annie Savinon

By now, I am sure you have at least heard of the acronym, STEM. Which stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics! I have grown to love this subject content, and truly admire the style of learning it brings to children, no matter their age. Here are some fun ways to adapt this way of learning within your own home with your little one! 

As you already know, children are born curious! Curiosity is a very wonderful way to think and has many ties to the scientific thought process! Always provide a comfortable environment where your little ones can ask and wonder about the world around them! Encourage them to ask questions! 

Make observations in your daily life! For example, with your child, observe the daily weather and season as you are walking to your car in between errands! How does it feel outside? Did you have to wear a jacket today? Can you describe how the sky looks? 

Take some time and build a creation with your child! This could be with Legos, Play Dough, blocks, or anything! Give them a task to build a structure that is a certain measurement or can hold a certain weight or object. This will bring out their inner engineer, while they build, and problem-solve!  

Confidence in mathematics and practicing their math skills will help build their critical thinking and STEM education as well. This may be practicing addition, subtraction, or multiplication skills! Children will excel stronger in the future, while they are creating the foundational math skills to build off when they are introduced to higher-level problems, starting at a young age. Another fun way to learn mathematics is by creating your very own word problems while putting yourself and your child into the scenario!  

While taking all these ideas into consideration, it is so important as the adult to foster this learning with your own engagement in the activity as well. If your little one sees your enthusiasm about the topic or task, they will be excited to learn as well! Create memories together by being involved with the task with your child, and showing your own interest and curiosity in the topic! 

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