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Immerse your students in a unique Explore & More global experience

Using colorfully decorated classrooms, carefully selected artifacts and an interactive approach, Explore & More teachers show your students how children live, eat and play in other parts of the world, including Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Your Explore & More Culture Day starts early when our educators come to your school and transform familiar classrooms to represent different countries. Students rotate from classroom to classroom and from country to country. Each individual country’s program includes a dynamic discussion period followed by an appealing and appropriate game, craft or activity.

Engage your students before and after a Culture Day

Foster global citizenship in your students! Explore & More Cultures for Kids website is designed for children and educators with age-appropriate, interactive activities from around the world including China, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Myanmar (Burma), South Africa, and Yemen.

Here’s what some teachers are saying!

“This program exceeded my expectations! The hands-on activities—doll craft, music, instruments, costumes, and slideshow—all very interesting and fun!”

“I liked all the different authentic articles each person had to show the children—seeing is more powerful than telling.”

“Wonderfully paced . . . students were able to actively participate in their learning!”

Plan your Culture Day Itinerary!

Choose from one to five countries, and the program for each country will last 45 minutes to an hour.

New York State Common Core Learning Standards
Grade Level RI* W SL L
PreK-6 1,7 4 1,2,3,6 3,6


Flag of Mexico


Tacos and monarch butterflies are not the only important things that come from Mexico. A rich collection of artifacts and images will promote an understanding of life in Mexico. A hands-on game or craft will captivate your students and reinforce important concepts.


Flag of China


Colorful clothing brings to life the variety of cultures within China. The program addresses famous historical inventions, food traditions, education and holidays. The Chinese language, both written and spoken, is presented as a fascinating contrast to English, and students practice Chinese calligraphy using traditional brushes.



Students discover that Japan’s culture and social attitudes of respect are affected by its geography as a small island nation. They explore an extensive collection of artifacts that includes clothing, photographs and foods. In addition to hands-on exploration, each student will make a hachimaki with a meaningful kanji symbol.

South Africa

Flag of South Africa

South Africa

Recent history and the amazing variety of peoples are the focus of this presentation. As a country with eleven official languages, South Africa has rich cultural traditions and unique challenges. Inspired by beautiful South African creations, students make their own colorful beaded dolls.


Flag of Germany


The German language may look different, but it sounds like something familiar. Similarities to American life are easy to find, and a quirky collection of objects demonstrates the fascinating differences with this most populous European country. Student attention is engaged with questions, songs, stories and a take-home game or a hand-sewn gnome.


Flag of Yemen


Developed with advice from the local Yemeni community, this program offers a positive exposure to the clothing, language and history of this fascinating and newsworthy country. Images from Yemen are used in a bingo-style game students take home with them.

Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar (Burma)

Explore the diverse cultural heritage of Myanmar (Burma). Myanmar (Burma) is a country rich in language, arts, and traditions. Students will discover the wide range of ethnically diverse people through hands-on exploration of artifacts, textiles, and images.


Prices are based on the number of countries you select for your class:






For more than one class or for additional pricing information for Culture Days programs, call 655-5131 ext. 14.

Bring Culture Days to Your School

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