March to Membership

It’s time to play!

Explore & More Children’s Museum thanks all of our members for keeping the laughter and learning going since 1994. It’s because of our wonderful community of playful minds and explorers of all ages that we are able to keep growing to new heights – and new spaces!

As we keep changing for the better, our membership offerings will, too! From now until the end of March, all memberships of all levels will continue to be sold at the Museum and online before we take a little recess.

But, this doesn’t mean that playtime has to end! Explore & More will continue selling these memberships with the promise that in the event of closures, we will honor your remaining months of play in our new Museum. Think of it like free time that rolls over.

It keeps getting better, too. Starting in the spring of 2018, we will be offering a Recess membership option, which will include play for the remaining months at our East Aurora location, and a full year membership at our new Canalside Museum!

Even with the big changes to come, all big laughs are being accounted for. Our growing family can’t wait to continue laughing and learning with yours.