Explore & More Exhibits To Live On

As Explore & More Children’s Museum gathers to hold our last day open to the public today at our East Aurora location, we are pleased to announce that the lovingly crafted exhibits that hundreds of thousands of children across Western New York have come to know, love and explore for years will be heading to a new home. With the exception of a few select pieces, the museum’s exhibits will be donated to a new children’s museum in Jamestown, New York.

The newly established all-volunteer run Children’s Activity Corner of Jamestown, Inc. currently occupies two rooms in 2,000 square feet on the lower level of an older city building two blocks from the new National Comedy Center. As the building is being restored in sections, the museum will ultimately be expanding to 8,000 square feet total, including gym and exhibit space they are delighted to bring to life with Explore & More’s exhibits. Our two museums have been collaborating to make this perfect fit possible.

Playing it forward is a constant goal for Explore & More, as we seek to help spread the power of play to as many communities and community organizations as possible to help children play into their full potential.

The exhibit pieces will be picked up by the Children’s Activity Corner of Jamestown immediately following Explore & More’s member’s only week and last day open to members, which goes from 10-1 on March 30th.